Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Bits and pieces of life
Wrapped in a confusion of scars
Untangled by the brevity of my pen
Set to rest
Black wounds in a bed of white


  1. No escaping them scars deep within. Resting with God who is in our center burning them away.

    God sweet love be with you,

  2. When I wrote this poem it was before my conversion, I thank God for leading me to keep a journal; it helped release some of the pain within me. I did not know the Divine Physician very well at the time. May God bless you and your tender heart that he loves so much.Keep bringing Him souls!

  3. Mary,
    Every now and then I read the journals I wrote years ago. I am amazed these words came from me and they sound like a love story too God that I don't recognize myself in them. Now I am trying to journal again some of my thoughts or insights from God's Word or a good book. We can look back over the last week and see where God has been leading us and trying to show us something in our lives. I love your poems and they are deep yes but very refreshing to meditate on. My mom found one of my journals from when I was 17 and wow!

  4. Linda,
    God was calling me all the time and I never knew it. We can really see the work the Lord has done in us when we compare journals from when we were young and later writings. God bless you, Heaven's Precious Flower!