Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Dragon

Alas, dear Christ, the dragon is here again.
Alas, he is here: terror has seized me, and fear.
Alas, that I ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge.
Alas, that his envy led me to envy too.
I did not become like God; I was cast out of Paradise.
Temper, sword, awhile, the heat of your flames
and let me go again about the garden,
entering with Christ, a thief from another tree.

             St. Gregory

I love this piece by St. Gregory. It is so poetic and full of truth. Don't we all wish to go again about the garden? We will someday :)
 Thank you, Jesus, for defeating the dragon, Satan, and the dragons of sin which sneak their way into our hearts. Amen