Sunday, August 2, 2009


When I was a teenager I lost my faith in God. My family went through such terrible times that I lived in a state of constant fear. This state of fear pervaded my life until my conversion. I was so afraid of God the Father that I would only pray to His son, Jesus or to Mother Mary. Shortly after my conversion the Lord gave me an odd dream; in this dream he showed me that I was so wounded by the lack of a strong father figure [though my father lived with us, he was very ill and suffered from deep depression] and that I was projecting this image onto Our Heavenly Father. He has healed this wound so completely that I now have a very close relationship with Him. He has also given me compassion and a deep love for my earthly father. Though I knew in my head that that the Holy Trinity is One God, this knowledge only reached my heart after this healing.

Thank you, Father, for this healing.

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