Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Brother of Sloth

You see it everywhere - blank apathetic stares when God is mentioned. Yes, this has happened to me often, I'll mention God and people's eyes will glaze over. Personally, I can't think of a better topic than the great I AM, Creator of all that is, the Author of Life. And truthfully - people's hearts should leap for joy at the mention of His name. Why does the mention of God get such a lukewarm response so often? According to statistics, most people believe in God. Then why do so few speak about Him? A great spiritual apathy has grabbed hold of our nation and world.

The sorriest sight I ever did see
Was the brother of Sloth: Apathy
A vice so great and so profound
Spying an evil, he'll make not a sound
Too lazy to stand and use his own voice
By his very silence has made his choice
He has made his bed and there he lies
Being "politically correct" is his disguise
A mask he wears to fool friend and foe
Hides a stunted soul that has failed to grow
A failure to act - a slowness to speak
Beneath the cover his spirit is weak
Neither hot nor cold, lukewarm at best
He views the world with disinterest.

What's the cure for apathy? Prayer. Ask the Lord to remove apathy from your heart. Pray that He pours His Spirit into your soul. The Holy Spirit's fire will stir up the soul as He pours his zeal into it.

Abba, set souls on fire for you. Pour your Spirit upon us, for where Your Spirit rests there is no apathy. May zeal for your House consume us! I ask this in the mighty name of Jesus, from whom all good things come. Amen.