Friday, August 7, 2009


There came a point in time when my writing took on a new tone. The Lord started calling me . Sometimes I would write down whatever came into my heart:

Do you know I AM WHO AM

Question Me and believe

I love you, little flower

Come see the Son

Open up

Love is here

Another time what came out was this:

Walk in the light my little ones. Enter the kingdom of justice and love. Enter my beating heart and come into the light of my Glory. O, the goodness and love of Pure Holiness.

This happened many times. Maybe it was a small preview of what was to come. Maybe it was to prepare me for what was coming next [my conversion]. I don't really know. The Lord works in unusual ways and calls each person differently. His love for each one of us is immense and no one should doubt this. This is where faith comes in. Even if we do not feel His love at faith we know it is there.


  1. Awwwwwwww! Is he not the Awesome Wonder?

    I love it! I know we so treasure these little moments. Just once in a lifetime if people felt this love of God it would change them forever.

    Praying all people to come to know the Love of God,.

    I just so love Him!

  2. He is awesome! I was so sinful at the time and yet He still loved me. Amazing!

  3. So true! When I experienced God one day so powerfully was when I was wollowing in self-pity, saying, "Why Lord", "What did I do so wrong in life that I must suffer so much".

    Interiorly without words he gave me 2 Corinthians 12: 7-10 in my head. Then I heard the words because "I love you." I yelled at him and said, "You call this love". Amazed at what I heard and the tears running down my face, I went to morning Mass and guess what the reading was. Yep you guessed it 2 Corinthians 12:7-10. The Priest kept saying, "Because I love you" I give you the cross"... so much more happened, but I have never doubted since this day that God loves us. He is not judging us but loving us. This was July 9, 2000. I wrote it in my bible. This was the start of my re-conversion back to God.

  4. What an awesome witness to God's love. Linda read " Afflicted one,storm battered and unconsoled" on The Beautiful Gate. This word was given to me for you. I think you probably already know this.