Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ebb Tide

Before my conversion my faith was almost non-existent. I rarely went to church. This left many doors open to the evil one and he certainly used them. As the saying goes " The devil is like a chained dog; he can only bite if you get too close." Well, I got too close and was bitten many times.

They debark in waves
You surf on your bed of deceit
You ride swiftly to your goal
Leaving nothing in your wake
But streams of lies
And puddles of despair
With cunning,
You lie in wait
For the next break

Thank you, Lord for healing my many wounds.


  1. Have you written about your conversion anywhere?

  2. Elizabeth, I have 5 blogs. A large part of my conversion experience is on "The Beautiful Gate", in the archives. If you click on my profile you can get there. It begins here I guess you can't put a link in the comment section:)