Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Weeping Rose

Hiding behind my fig leaf
Cowering in the shame of Eve
I, too, consumed fruit forbidden
Sweet to the lips, bitter to the soul
And mourned outside Eden's gates
An earthen vessel, Adam's seed
Lost in the dust of time
A rose wilted  for lack of the Son
"Where are you?" echoed in my soul

At the faintest "here i am"
A broken arrow, a crooked bow
Stood before the Mercy Seat
Unbathed, covered with grime
Unrecognizable to all but you
Your eyes pierced through the filth
And saw the swan in the ugly duckling
You tucked my heart into your side
Two hearts beat as one
And in this Divine chamber
A weeping rose unfurled her first petal

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shadow Girl, may you rest in peace

the gates of never-never land
you entered a broken reed
fallow the field of your youth
no seed of love sown therein
like a deck of cards
shuffled from house to house
where many skeletons lived
in dark cellar closets hidden
home a word you never knew
a tiny dancer lost in shadows
don't snap my wings you cried
i cried
if you hug me I will break
shattered you were, in pieces
too many cracks had weakened
the whole and you leaked  throughout
a broken ship listing skyward
a fragile bird, prey for hawks
and other scavengers of the night
look both ways before you cross
too young i could not lead
with a shuttered heart
you could not follow

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Abba's House

There is a place
For which we long
A house of Love
Where all belong

T'were not mentioned
T'would be remiss
In this land of peace
Truth and Justice kiss

The lion and the lamb
Lay side by side
In verdant meadows
Love and joy abide

 Home we are called
A name we are given
By the Father's Hand
Upon our hearts written

A fountain of life
Where love pours out
There are many mansions
In my Father's house

Monday, September 14, 2009


You Are
A bottomless well
I plumb your depths
Great the sea of Thy
Awash  in waves of Thy
My tears mingling
With the rain of Thy
No beginning, no ending
Am humbled by Your

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Divine wink

" I have had a tremor of bliss, a wink of heaven, a whisper,
And I will no longer be denied; all things
Proceed to a joyful consummation."
T.S. Elliot

My Lord and my God, may the seed that you have planted in me continue to grow until it becomes a tree of life that bears the fruit of eternity. Thank you for the small glimpses of heaven that you have given me. Utterly Thine, O Lord!