Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The pit

Years ago I had a terrible nightmare, I was sludging around in the muck of hell and there were demons surrounding me. I think God was warning me about the state of my soul [I had other nightmares similar to this.] This is what I wrote about it.

Alone in this pit
I stood
staring at the walls.
Was there no way out?
not then, it seemed.
I tried once
but slipped on self-pity.
So, I stayed and lived on sour grapes
for a long, long time.
One night they came for me,
demons of grief and despair.
But I hid in the corner of my mind
and fooled them all,
or so I thought
till I heard them laughing at me.
Was there no escape?
I tried again
would have made it that time
but bitterness grinned down at me
settled his weight on my shoulders
I fell hard that time
I tried to crawl away but
got tangled up in the arms of defeat
and lay there , right next to fear.
Breathed his foul scent
while he mocked me with
my own weakness.
I raised my head and saw
Hope reaching out to me
I placed my hand in His iron grip
and He never, ever let go.

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