Sunday, June 28, 2009

"God grins"

I thought I'd lighten things up today, I want to talk about something I call "God grins" [these are little perks the Lord sends our way simply because he loves us.] Some I call "holy cheats" and I have gotten a lot of these. A holy cheat is when God gives you a freebie [like when you let your young child win a game because she doesn't really understand the rules.]

I always start my Christmas shopping in October because I like to be done before the stores get too busy. This past year I decided to cut back on spending and I told the Lord I was going to leave Christmas to Him this time. That very month I started getting gift cards in the mail. I was literally bombarded with them. My birthday is in October and a bunch of stores sent me gift certificates so I shopped all month for free. One day I got a Macy's card in the mail, it said Shhh-Its a secret and it said to bring the card into the store and you could win $10, $20, $50 or even $500 dollars. I pulled into the parking lot, looked up and snickered at the Lord "Ahh,Lord I won't ask this of you" [He can read my mind so there was no use pretending that I didn't want the $500 dollar card. God grinned back at me and instantly I knew I had the $500 card. So ...I went into the store and tried to look surprised when they scanned it and told me it was the $500 winner. Oh, and by the way I got one from JC Penny too [for $15] and on October 13th when I went in to spend it the clerk who signed my receipt was named Fatima. Coincidence? Maybe.
But I call them "God grins." THANK YOU, LORD.

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