Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shadow Girl, may you rest in peace

the gates of never-never land
you entered a broken reed
fallow the field of your youth
no seed of love sown therein
like a deck of cards
shuffled from house to house
where many skeletons lived
in dark cellar closets hidden
home a word you never knew
a tiny dancer lost in shadows
don't snap my wings you cried
i cried
if you hug me I will break
shattered you were, in pieces
too many cracks had weakened
the whole and you leaked  throughout
a broken ship listing skyward
a fragile bird, prey for hawks
and other scavengers of the night
look both ways before you cross
too young i could not lead
with a shuttered heart
you could not follow


  1. Yes, she committed suicide. Her name was Diane. She lived in thirteen different foster homes as a child. It still grieves me.

  2. Wow! You can write girl! This is a beautiful tribute. I am so sorry for this loss that grieves you so.

  3. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about her. She was a tiny,itty bitty little thing. She suffered from a disease that kept her from growing. She was removed from her fathers house because of abuse but sadly she was abused in 7 of the thirteen foster homes she was in. I prayed so much for her but she still took her life. She had one of the most brutal childhoods I have ever heard of. She was like a little child who craved love so much but couldn't open her heart enough to let anybody in.

  4. powerful and beautiful in a sad way. nice writing

  5. I thought it sounded like the she committed suicide, then I saw the first and second comment to confirm I was correct.

    It's a beautiful but very sad poem.

  6. Mary, this is so heartbreaking. I'm crying just reading it and even more so after reading your comment explaining what she went through. HOW can people do this??

  7. Hi Colleen,
    I don't know how people can do this to children. I just cannot understand it. The same with your post - it wrenched my guts. These are PEOPLE not toys! God have mercy.